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I used frontline on my three cats, two of which are indoor outdoor cats. This product does not work. All three have fleas and I just had to pay a $500 vet bill from an URI my siamese got due to flea bites a them spreading illness. im ready to submit a claim for false advertisement. If u love your pets, I do not recomme.d this product.

We bought Frontline plus for our dog. We gave her the first month, no results. Second month, no results. She is getting eaten alive and we are out 50.00. We just wanted to help our furbaby and we have been disappointed.

  • Jul 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Anti-Flea Product
  • 10

I applied frontline on my four dogs 2-small indoor & 2-large outdoor. After about a week my dogs had more fleas, very large fleas. I bathe the animals and re-applied another dosage and more fleas. So I started combing the smaller dogs every night with a flea comb and discovered a lot of drowsy, dopey fleas, so the FRONTLINE DOES WORK, the problem was there was a source of fleas in my yard... Read more

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  • Jul 12
  • Pet Stores
  • St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Ineffective Flea Product
  • 5

I have 3 cats an have always used frontline , this time " did not work" , money down the drain. I have notice a lot of bad reviews which Iam not real happy with , my cats do go outside for about a hour a day then right back in . Im very disappointed , I feel as though FRONTLINE owes me for this bad box !! Of course I do not have the box in which I threw away after treatment ( who would have guess... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Pet Medicine
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Flea Medicals
  • 21

We keep a clean house, and never seemed to have an issue with fleas until this year. If I gave my dogs a dose of Frontline Plus three years ago, or even two years ago, it worked great. This year is another story. We have three dogs and they all get this treatment at the same time..which, I really don't like doing but know that it was once, very effective. I went through 6 pipettes on all... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Pet Medicine
  • Ellettsville, Indiana
  • Frontline Plus
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I bought frontline plus at Wal-Mart for my 3 , small dogs ,,I noticed that my Chihuahua after about two weeks had more fleas on her then before. I was sick to my stomach to see my dog suffer , so what's a good topical flea/tick meds for my dogs ? Read more

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  • Jun 30
  • Pet Medicine
  • Frontline Plus
  • 18

I bought this from the tractor Supply a pack of 3 and put on my dogs a Chihuahua and a Chi-Weinnie and 2 weeks later they still have as many as they did before??? I put it on them, No Relief?? This happened a couple years ago and I stopped buying.I then started using Advantage so now what? I should have never tried it again.....I do think I am entitled to a refund.... Why is this happening? I... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Pet Medicine
  • Frontline Plus
  • 19

I applied it to both my dogs as directed. The next day the fleas were worse then before. I have tried everything to get rid of fleas and it's clear to me now that frontline -used to work . Good product at one time, but in my opinion it has bred super fleas and is no longer effective. I won't be buying any flea drops anymore. It was a huge waste of time and money. I'm not pissed as much as I am... Read more

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I bought front line spot on 3 weeks ago for my 3 cats . ever since I have started using it there is still live fleas on all 3 of them . I want my money back!!!you say it kills them within hours and lasts for 4 months . The prices that you charge they should kill all the fleas!absolutely diabolical you should be ashamed of yourselves!!and what you going to do about it...nothing,because you can't...

  • Jun 25
  • Pet Medicine
  • Frontline Plus Refund Problems
  • 21

I bought over $600 of frontline plus from my vet and argued with Merial for over 8 months only to be denied by their own internal guidelines. The basis of my denial was that I had an outdoor cat show up and although it had no contact with my animals, it wasn't treated with THEIR product, therefore I was denied. I live in the woods. Should I treat every bear, wild cat, deer, and other animals to... Read more

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