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I have used Frontline Plus for for my 2 toy poodles. Who only go outside to potty. Yet they are invested with fleas. What has happened to this product? Frontline Plus is not cheap I want to know what the company plans to do? Add comment

This product does NOT work!! Waste of $50 bucks but worse part my dog is miserable and now I can't put anything on him for a whole month!!!! Very pissed off!! Add comment

This stuff sucks put it on my dog and he is loaded with fleas .it is so bad we are spending so much money trying to get rid of them . DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS STUFF .sorry i did Add comment

  • Oct 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
  • Frontline Plus For Dogs
  • 68

I have been using for years applying per directions I have 2 dogs, 1 now has Lyme Disease the other is ok. However, for some reason Frontline does not get rid of ticks. This last application was like putting plain water on the dogs. We are pulling ticks off of the dogs like I never applied anything to them. Can't apply again for 30 days. They must of changed the formula. I don't know what to try... Read more

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It getting worse.. Since few months ago. It won't go away. It rip off. They better pay us refund all we bought since. It need to banned. Frontline plus don't work it all. Need to be lawsuit Add comment

applied frontline plus to my inside cat who somehow got fleas, first worked for few days, now 2 weeks later full of fleas again. Does not work . Will never buy again, have 2 more vials I will throw away and buy another product Add comment

I have got this for my puppy everyone said this was the best, have it on her and it dose not work it's been 2 week gave her a bath and she was full of flees try to call no one would get back with me. To let me know what is going on . We are not rich people to just wast money for 3 month and get nothing for it. I have even email them and nothing Add comment

I have 4 cats I bought Frontline Plus because I was always told it was the best product. I call ***, my Cats are still itching themselves raw. Total waste of money. Add comment

  • Sep 15
  • Pet Medicine
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Frontline Plus For Dogs
  • 64

I have 3 dogs and i thought i was buying the best product for them so they wouldn't have to suffer with the fleas this summer. But i was wrong and their money back guarantee you have to jump through hooploops and all kinda of changes. My pets still got fleas on them and ever time i called the 800 number all they could say is for the medicine to work they fleass still have to jump on them ***... Read more

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  • Sep 10
  • Pet Medicine
  • Massillon, Ohio
  • Frontline Plus For Dogs
  • 137

Two days ago I put Frontline Plus on my dog. Four hours later he was dead! I am heart broke. He was my companion of 15 yrs. I absolutely blame Frontline Plus. Ali was a healthy, happy dog. Fleas were bad this year and I put it on him at 10 p.m. I came down stairs to check on him and he was dead at 2:30 a.m. I wanted to report this so no one else looses their pets. It is too hard to bear. If I had... Read more

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