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Frontline Plus
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  • Aug 24
  • Pet Medicine
  • Leitchfield, Kentucky
  • Flea Prevention
  • 19

For the last 2 months i have bought Frontline Plus. I noticed the 1st month that after a couple weeks were scratching again. But i just kinda passed that off. But the 2nd month ( which i am on now ) The same thing is happening. I have bought 6 in total because i have 3 cats. What has happened to Fronline? It used to be one of the best. I have no plans of buying this product again unless this... Read more

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I spent, in my opinion, a decent amount of money on this product thinking it would work. It claims to kill and repel fleas. Since I used this product on my dog, I have found multiple fleas on my dog. I'm very disappointed In this product. Add comment

  • Aug 05
  • Pet Medicine
  • Birchwood, England
  • Pet Burned Skin
  • 36

My greatdane - only 14 mths old has a nasty big burn between his shoulder blades because if frontline plus !!! DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR ANIMALS - they cannot be allowed to get away with this. I am going to complain in writing. So if you have any photos to broaded the case - please let me have them. Lump then scab came off, fur came off and its weeping and very sore!!! I angry angry angry as ***... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Pet Medicine
  • Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Flea Treatment
  • 53

Last year this happened as well, but I thought it was because I had my vents cleaned. This year is even worse. I have given my cats and dogs flea treatments three weeks in a row whereas normally it's every three weeks. I have never been so disappointed in a tried and true product. I have bombed the house three times and nothing is working! I will begin looking for a better product on the... Read more

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Used frontline plus, made my dog break out with bumps all over her body, & throwing up. Bad reaction! Do not use frontline!! Add comment

  • Jul 27
  • Pet Medicine
  • North Patchogue, New York
  • Frontline Plus Effect
  • 42

I have 5 indoor cats and they got fleas from the grooming place, since i cant prove that i had decided to get frontline plus , spending 100$ i was absolutely disapoointed.its not working I don't know which one is worst spending all my sunday washing my cats and disturbing them or wasting 100$ for nothing...DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH FRONTLINE PRODUCTS.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH FRONTLINE... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • Pet Medicine
  • Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Ineffective Product
  • 74

I need to get something else for my dog too the frontline is not working anymore, I apply it every 3 weeks to the day and she still gets fleas.. I've bombed my house, I spray it with Siphortrol Plus II every 6 months. I am fanatical about applying the frontline & spraying my house. I have been using frontline for years and never had a problem until this year. Not sure what's going on with... Read more

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I used frontline on my three cats, two of which are indoor outdoor cats. This product does not work. All three have fleas and I just had to pay a $500 vet bill from an URI my siamese got due to flea bites a them spreading illness. im ready to submit a claim for false advertisement. If u love your pets, I do not recomme.d this product. Add comment

We bought Frontline plus for our dog. We gave her the first month, no results. Second month, no results. She is getting eaten alive and we are out 50.00. We just wanted to help our furbaby and we have been disappointed. Add comment

  • Jul 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Anti-Flea Product
  • 254

I applied frontline on my four dogs 2-small indoor & 2-large outdoor. After about a week my dogs had more fleas, very large fleas. I bathe the animals and re-applied another dosage and more fleas. So I started combing the smaller dogs every night with a flea comb and discovered a lot of drowsy, dopey fleas, so the FRONTLINE DOES WORK, the problem was there was a source of fleas in my yard... Read more

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